Mie Kohiyama recommends acting at French and European level


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On Tuesday, September 12, the government launched a national communications campaign to raise awareness of the extent of sexual violence against children and provide concrete solutions. Mie Kohiyama, co-founder of the Brave Movement and BeBrave France, was the guest of 19/20 info.

Is France today behind in the fight against sexual violence against children? “It’s certain that we have a major problem, but the problem of sexual violence against children is unfortunately a global problem. In France, it took a long time. In 2023, we will still have to break the silence. That remains a denial and a societal taboo, that’s for sure. That there are prevention campaigns is a good thing. Now, what do we do after prevention. How do we respond to these children who called 119 to report sexual violence? How do we take care of them, how do we protect them?” asks Mie Kohiyama, co-founder of the Brave Movement and BeBrave France.

Online child crime

Despite this call number, 119, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, available to victims, these children are often destitute, without knowing where to turn. Is this one of the great difficulties in this scourge? “Exactly, there is a spot where we show what a child can feel. There is this kind of silence, and it is up to adults to be able to protect children. We also need to know that today there is “There is a scourge which is even worse, it is that the adults who rape these children share these images on the internet. We must act at the French level and we must also act at the European level.”says Mie Kohiyama.

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