Michel Lepage: tribute to a precursor

Mr. Michel Lepage recently passed away. For the majority of people, Michel was a stranger. But for anyone interested in Quebec politics, they will remember him as the pollster for the Parti Québécois.

Michel was trained as a scientist; a graduate in physical engineering and meteorology, he was above all an activist of the Parti Québécois. It was in this capacity that he volunteered his services to conduct polls for the 1976 campaign. The precision of his results made him, from the 1976 victory, a personal collaborator of René Lévesque and all the leaders of the Parti Québécois for more than 25 years.

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We have all three, from our respective functions, worked, collaborated or exchanged with Michel. We are able to testify not only to the precision of his results, but also and above all to the human qualities of this methodical worker who examined the results of his polls in a cold and objective manner and prepared the reports brought to the attention of the first five ministers for whom he will have put his talent to use. He was a precursor in his method of analysis which made several professors and university researchers interested in his work.

Michel was not only an expert in mathematics, but also an enthusiast of electric trains. He had a collection of working little trains buzzing in his basement. Many have compared him to Professor Tournesol. He had the professor’s kindness and genius, but above all he was very sensitive. He was also a lover of the stars, which he contemplated sitting in his garden at night, accompanied by his telescope.

We wish you a good trip, my friend, among these stars that you have admired so much. We will miss you.

Michel Carpentier, deputy chief of staff at the René Levesque office and Secretary General of Jacques Parizeau and Lucien Bouchard

Jean-Marc Léger, President Léger

Jean Royer, chief of staff in the office of Jacques Parizeau

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