Michel Fourniret’s ex-wife expresses “regrets”


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Trial of Monique Olivier: Michel Fourniret’s ex-wife expresses “regrets”

Trial of Monique Olivier: Michel Fourniret’s ex-wife expresses “regrets” – (franceinfo)

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“I regret everything that happened”, these are the words of Monique Olivier on the first day of her trial, Tuesday November 28. The ex-wife of serial killer Michel Fourniret is on trial for complicity in the disappearance of several young girls, notably that of Estelle Mouzin.

When Monique Olivier enters the accused box, Tuesday November 28, the silence is total. She was the one who agreed to be filmed. For the first time, she appears alone, without Michel Fourniret, who died two years ago. She will have to answer for the kidnappings and murders of several young girls, including Estelle Mouzin in January 2003. Frozen on the civil parties’ bench, the little girl’s father has difficulty hiding his emotion. For two hours, the president will read the events, the details of the crimes, then he gives the floor to the accused. “I have regrets for everything that happened”declares Monique Olivier.

She claims she was just carrying out orders

The president then discusses his relationship with Michel Fourniret; he stops at an extract from a letter she sent him. Monique Ollivier claims that she was only carrying out the orders of the serial killer, the president then tells her: “Why didn’t you leave him?”. The answer is ambiguous: “I was incapable of fending for myself and I don’t see why…”. Monique Olivier announced, she will speak during her trial.

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