Metallica frontman divorces after 25 years of marriage

James Hetfield, singer and guitarist rhythmic of the legendary trash metal band Metallica, comes from “file paperwork in Colorado to file for divorce from longtime partner Francesca Hetfield” reported the site TMZ. A very surprising news, as the couple seemed solid. They had been married for 25 years and parents of three children: “Cali (20), Marcella (16) and Castor (18)“says the Daily Mail.

The English newspaper reports that the 59-year-old artist is extremely grateful to the mother of his children for “helped him to mature“. In particular, he was able to count on his support to quit alcohol in 2002 and hold on since, despite other shortcomings. In 2005, he also claimed that his wife helped him control his “destructive tendencies caused by his addiction and anger issues“. The British tabloid also reports that his family is currently settled in Vail, Colorado, away from the spotlight. It is a small town (which is both a ski resort) located at the foot of a mountain.

Bad experience in California

In an interview with radio talk show host Joe Rogan after he moved to Colorado, the one who fell badly during a gig a few years ago reportedly said that after living for decades in Northern California , “he had grown tired of the negative reaction of locals who did not look kindly on his political views and lifestyle choices“. I’m a little sick of the Bay Area, the attitude of the people there” he confided. “They talk about their diversity and things like that, and it’s good if you’re diverse like them. But showing up with a deer on your bumper ain’t okay in Marin County” he added.

Since then, he has lived peacefully in Colorado alongside his wife and children. But that was before he decided to divorce the one who shared his life for more than two decades…

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