Metal fans in the starting blocks for the opening of Hellfest with Kiss

The 16th edition of Hellfest opened this Thursday, June 15, with an enticing poster. For four days, Clisson in Loire-Atlantique turns into a huge party of all the devils with festival-goers hot as embers.

When the Hellfest gates open, thousands of metal fans rush into the arena. Some have waited over five hours in the scorching sun for the gates of hell to open. It must be said that the first evening of the great festival of extreme music promises heavy. “Tonight it’s Kiss and we don’t want to miss the front row”, rejoices a festival-goer.

With more than 180 concerts scheduled until June 18, 2023, the high mass of metal will once again shake the surroundings of Clisson in Loire-Atlantique.

France 3 Pays-de-la-Loire / L. Zie / A. Lepage

A unique atmosphere

Hellfest is obviously an ultra-federative program that invites legendary metal bands from all over the world, but it’s also an unclassifiable atmosphere. In a few days the small village of Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) is transformed into a temple of hell. In the audience, metalheads of all ages rub shoulders and talk about the concerts. “I always find lots of friends with whom we share good festive moments”, says “Captain Cavern” with a drink in hand.

In Clisson, the show is as much on stage as it is in the audience. Clothes and metal is a great love story, full of excess, noise and fury. Make-up, tattoos and colorful costumes: the dress code is simply extravagance. From the monk disguise to that of Dracula, all looks are allowed. For the opening of the event, this festival-goer chose an Indian disguise. “Every day I change my costume, it’s one of the rare festivals where you can do what you want, you can come naked, there’s no problem”, she assures.

A Hellfest festival-goer (France 3 Pays-de-la-Loire)

Kiss, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard: a hell of a line-up

The 16th edition of Hellfest still promises big names and a crazy atmosphere. After Kiss, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden or even Slipknot will thrill the public.

Even if, like every year, the bulk of the troupe comes from the United States with more than 70 groups, the line-up brings together 25 nationalities, from Scandinavia to Australia, via Tunisia, Turkey, Belgium, England, Mongolia and of course, France.

Thirty French groups from Paris, Toulouse (Aephanemer), Lyon (Celeste), Marseille or Bordeaux (Gorod) are also scheduled on the six stages.

Other music, such as punk or rock also has its place with, in particular, Ludwig von 88, Poésie Zéro, Comintern Sect, Hard Mind or Syndrome 81.

Hip-hop and electro will also be represented with Svinkels or Carpenter Brut.

Hellfest in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) from June 15 to 18, 2023

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