Meghan Markle pregnant with her 3rd child? This ultimate proof that leaves no room for doubt!

Rumors have been swirling since February. According to some, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are about to expand their family. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex would be pregnant with her third child. “When the test came back positive, Meghan and Harry were in disbelief. […] Having another child was naturally not part of their plan.” confided an anonymous source close to the couple in the columns of the magazine Star.“They are in love and consider it a sign of fate”, added the latter. Statements that set fire to the powder.

TMZ, for his part, added a layer by revealing several shots of the mother of the family in the middle of a hike in the heights of Montecito, in California (United States). In the photos that made the buzz on the Web, the plump belly of the pretty brunette left little room for doubt.

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However, the American magazine recently returned to its assertions by publishing new photographs of Meghan Markle on a romantic outing with her husband. The two lovebirds were spotted entering a sushi restaurant in Santa Barbara. Although our colleagues have not managed to find out what the couple had for lunch, it is well known that this dish is not recommended during pregnancy due to a potentially dangerous bacterium which could have harmful effects. irreversible effects on the baby’s development.

Prince Harry and his wife, meanwhile, did not wish to speak. At war with journalists, he denounced, in the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, the impact of media pressure on the state of health of the mother of his children. “If my wife had a miscarriage, it’s the Mail’s fault”. In addition, the son of Charles III was particularly clear about the number of babies he wanted. “Two maximum!”, He launched during an interview for Vogue Magazine.


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