Meghan Markle and Prince Harry soon to divorce? The seemingly united couple would go in completely different directions!

Is there water in the gas, in Montecito, for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? The Sussex couple, who left the royal family almost 4 years ago to strike out on their own in Los Angeles, are said to be more disunited than ever. Now, observers believe that Prince Harry would like to “return to his old life”, and would yearn for a return to the UK, while his wife would be frustrated at returning home, having moved across the Atlantic. The former “Suits” actress, for her part, would indeed like to leave this chapter of her life behind her…

Prince Harry would like to return to London?

In the columns of OK !Mark Boardman noted a “notable change” in Harry’s social life over the past decade. He explains: “He appears to have become estranged from his university friends and has no permanent residence in the UK. When visiting London, he usually stays in hotels and avoids public appearances. Without doubt, the Prince Harry longs for his old friendships.

Now married and father of 2 children, Archie, four years old, and Lilibet, two years old, it is not easy for him to take the first plane to spend time with his old friends in Europe. And inevitably, “Meghan is frustrated that Harry wants his old life back“, understands Mark Boardman.

Meghan Markle in politics in the United States?

And if “Meghan loves Harry”, notes this specialist, she would also like “bring out the best side of him.” In particular so that he supports her in her own ambitions, according to recent rumors. Indeed, with the death of Dianne Feinstein, many would like to see her enter the race for senator from California. In the columns of Mirrorpublic relations expert Jane Owen assures: “It’s actually not a bad idea for her to turn to politics. We live in a world where the size of your platform can often be the difference between winning or losing in politics.”. Will Prince Harry be on his arm if Meghan goes for it? To be continued.


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