Meghan Markle and Harry on the verge of divorce? A royal expert on the alert!

On May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married against all odds in the sublime Saint-Georges Chapel in Windsor. An event that delighted fans of the English royal family. Unfortunately, the fairy tale quickly turned sour. In the tabloids, the paternal family of the ex-American actress has continued to tackle her. In particular his half-sister Samantha Markle.

In his eyes, the Sussexes would be toxic to each other. “I think it’s gotten worse because I think he has (Harry’s note) the personality profile that perfectly allows someone to be a suspected narcissist”, dropped the mother of the family for the Australian channel Channel 7 last April. Since the Megxit orchestrated in 2020, Meghan Markle and Harry have been enjoying their golden exile in California. However, in their chic neighborhood of Montecito, the lovebirds – now independent – would be totally isolated.

There is no middle ground: they are seither loved or hated. Some believe Meghan is a champion for women and racial equality; others think thatthey are greedy for money”, confessed a “anonymous west coast resident” for the “DailyMail”. In addition, their countless tackles against the Firm will not have succeeded in restoring their image, according to some royal experts.

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“She was never there…”

Despite their heavy accusations, the Windsor clan has never been so united. “Meghan and Harry are pariahs in the UK. The Sussexes are also increasingly unpopular in the US”, laughed Nile Gardiner, the royal commentator after a poll was put in the spotlight on the Web. To make matters worse, the parents of Lilibet and Archie are to this day at the heart of an intriguing (and persistent) rumor.

At the moment, international media say that the lovebirds would be on the verge of breaking up. Asked about the question, Angela Levin, Prince Harry’s biographer, assured our colleagues from “GB News” that the latter would indeed rent for the year. “room” in the San Vicente Bungalows hotel located in West Hollywood. Prince William’s brother would escape there from time to time to ease tensions with his other half. “Either she shouts at him to get out, or he can’t take it anymore and he takes refuge there”revealed Angela Levin.

For her, Meghan Markle continues to demonstrate that nothing is going well with her husband: “Denying him a basketball kiss, not attending the coronation, and being absent from his book tour… All doesn’t seem to be going well. She’s never been where he really needed to be.” from her […]It’s the beginning of the end for him.” Having always been independent, the sidekick of Serena Williams would not be afraid of the idea of ​​separating from him. “She’s making sure he’s in dire straits so she can get the kids back,” said the author. “He is completely isolated“. Confidences to be taken with a grain of salt, of course… To be continued!


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