mega-concerts causing new epidemics?


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Covid-19: mega-concerts causing new epidemics?
Covid-19: mega-concerts causing new epidemics?

Could Taylor Swift’s concerts in Paris have led to the creation of giant clusters? With 180,000 people over four days, many fans say they tested positive for Covid-19 after the American singer’s concerts.

After Taylor Swift’s concert, several dozen fans reported falling ill on social networks. 45,000 people shouting and singing in the largest concert hall in Europe is a situation conducive to creating a source of contamination. The event reminds us of a reality: Covid-19 is still circulating. The week of May 13, cases were also on the rise among young people. The owners of the concert hall emphasize that all standards were respected.

The case greatly interested Pascal Morenton, professor of physics. He simulated air quality based on data provided by the concert hall. Regulatory, but not sufficient. “After 2 hours, I found a rate of 1,772 PPM, which is almost twice the recommended rate for an enclosed space”, he explains. For him, since Covid, the installations have not progressed enough.

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