Meeting with Pascal Cotet, pillar of Aviron Bayonnais

On the menu of 100% Rugby this Monday, September 19 on France Bleu Pays Basque with Stephane Garcia, Jean-Baptiste Laplace, Sebastien Fauquet :

► The guest: Pascal Cotet, the pillar of Rowing Bayonnais, arrived this summer on the banks of Nive, Narbonne. He was one of the strong men in Saturday’s win over UBB. The one who knew how to return the Girondine melee after the siren. His “journey, of revenge” + projection on the trip to Brive;

“I had lost my faith.”
─ Pascal Cotet

► Two faces for Biarritz Olympique who won against Carcassone (32-23). 20 minutes of high-flying play, the best of the season, and then lights out. Why ? Back to statements by Bastien Soury, Shaun Sowerby and Gilles Bosch;

► Olympic Anglet on its way! Victory snatched on a last penalty against Périgueux (24-23) for the third day of National 2. St-Jean-de-Luz, for its part, won the first home game against Fleurance (20-13):

► US Mouguerre wins at the finish against Layrac (30-17) on the occasion of the 3rd day of Federal 2. Victory also for Boucau-Tarnos in Orthez (23-22). Stade Hendayais loses at Ondarraitz against Soustons (3-17)

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