meeting with Harmata, the “best Ukrainian metal band”, who helps soldiers on the front

Fundraising, purchases, donations of equipment… The Ukrainian metal group has set itself the mission of delivering aid to soldiers mobilized in the war against Russia.



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The three members of the Ukrainian metal band Harmata.  (CLAUDE GUIBAL / RADIO FRANCE)

In Ukraine, Volodymir Zelensky continues to call on his allies to provide the aid and military equipment necessary for the fight. Civil society at the rear is participating in this effort. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have set up solidarity networks and funds. To help with reconstruction, but also to help soldiers at the front. This is the mission that the musicians of Harmata have given themselves. Its members share their lives between the stage and the front where they deliver their collections directly to the garrisons.

In the basement of an old theater in kyiv, a rehearsal room, drums and amps… This is Harmata’s lair. On the table, an award: best metal band in Ukraine. Among other trophies. “There, we have our little war museum, a few pieces of shells, some bullets, and there some badges… Karpatska Sich, the marine infantry”, describes Dmytro, the drummer, in French.

Memories of the battalions to which the band’s musicians regularly delivered aid at the front. Concerts, calls on social networks, partnerships with associations in France, fundraising, purchases, donations of equipment…: everything goes. “From food products to drones, vehicles, antennas, walkie-talkies, says the musician. We have already brought back a dozen ambulances to Ukraine.”

Equip containers to help the injured

At the front, one in two seriously injured people died during evacuation. A weakness in the system. Stabilization points are missing, this is Harmata’s new project: equipping containers. “These are stabilization points, just past the battlefield, the very first aid.” At 30,000 euros per container, they are looking for partners. During each tour at the front, they measure the morale of the troops.

“We meet soldiers who stutter, who cannot keep their eyes open because they are so tired and disturbed. We have a feeling of fatigue and firmness. They are all determined to be there until victory.” To replace the men at the front, dead or exhausted, the Ukrainian state is seeking to toughen up mobilization. “I go without thinking. I’m already registered, I’m waiting to be called”, says Yevhen, the singer.

80% of our songs sing about war because the war here has been going on since 2014“, specifies Dmytro, in reference to the annexation of Donbass by Russia. Singing about the war and above all helping the soldiers, for Harmata, is a way of participating in the fighting. And even the name of the group says it all: in Ukrainian , “harmata” means “cannon”.

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