Meat on a short circuit and on automatic sale

Installing an automatic meat distributor, here is the ingenious idea of ​​Xavier Deforet; butcher and caterer for several years in the small town of Franois in the greater Besançon. Assuming that potential customers are not available during the opening hours of his store, Xavier embarks with his dad on the installation of an automaton which is recharged every morning at dawn and available 7 days a week. Only here, you have to find the strategic place. It was a baker friend a few kilometers away, in Pouilley les Vignes, who suggested to him the idea of ​​setting up his machine next to his own which offers pizzas. Bingo the concept has been a hit in a few days since the beginning of June!

The butcher offers homemade cold cuts, sausages, sausages, rillettes but also cuts of meat and everything you need for summer barbecues. But as Xavier and his team are also caterers, there is an important snacking part as well as local drinks.

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