Maxime Chattam and Faustine Bollaert: their impressive “cave” revealed

They have been in perfect love for over eleven years. Married since September 1, 2012Faustine Bollaert and Maxime Chattam have since founded a lovely little family: they gave birth to their daughter Abbie on July 18, 2013, then two years later, on July 24, 2015, at their son Peter. This pretty little family lives happily ever after, but remains very discreet about the life they lead outside of TV sets and signing sessions. Faustine Bollaert, who is a hit on France 2 every afternoon with the magazine It starts todayand which we now also find every Saturday morning with Is it worth itand the writer Maxime Chattam, author of successful thrillers who have accumulated nearly 8 million sales since the start of his career, revealed this Sunday, December 10, 2023 be the owners of an extraordinary collection !

It was on the X network that Maxime Chattam revealed his incredible collection! A true film enthusiast, the writer has a cave in which it stores more than 9000 films ! An impressive collection that he invites his fans to come and discover whenever they wish, as he is so proud of the latter, which he shares with his wife, just as passionate as he is about films and VHS: “I have wonderful memories of these video clubs where, when I was young, I searched to discover films, with friends, we watched several together, we discussed them… I tried to recreate this atmosphere, and one of these days I’ll take you to visit my cave of 9000 films promised the 47-year-old author.

Maxime Chattam publishes a new novel for the holidays

While waiting to introduce his fans to his majestic cinematic cavern, Maxime Chattam is in full promotion of his brand new thriller, Lux, published by Albin Michel on November 2. In this enigmatic novel, Maxime Chattam questions the meaning of life, and the role that scientists and religious people play in what our lives become, as time passes: “Scientists and religious people alike cannot explain what it is or where it comes from. It will forever transform the daily lives of the entire world, in particular the existence of a mother and her daughter. While posing the question that obsesses us all… Do our lives have meaning?”

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