Matthieu Gonet and Cécile Chaduteau (“Star Academy”) make astonishing statements on Slimane’s state of health

It’s Matthieu Gonet’s week. Present at the evaluations as well as on the bonus dedicated to the philharmonic, the former Star Academy tutor also attended Cécile Chaduteau’s debriefing this Sunday, December 3, 2023, and gave his impressions to the students. If he particularly praised Clara, Héléna and Djebril, the professional was more measured with Julien and Axel, to whom he criticized a possible lack of naturalness. However, the performance offered by the first with Slimane at the very beginning of the bonus this Saturday, December 2 was more than successful, and excited the stage expression teacher and the conductor, who were keen to point out that Slimane had almost canceled his visit at the last minute.

Indeed, as revealed by the two professionals, Slimane was feverish and very ill but wanted to come and sing with Julien, and to give Margot a nice surprise, with whom he shared a few verses from his hit Thousands of I love you. If he didn’t show viewers anything, the winner of the fifth season of The Voice was very ill, and had almost no voice: “He had very little voice left, he was very ill, I know few people who would have sung, and he did it”saluted Cécile Chaduteauwho considered that the performance offered by the singer and Slimane was more than successful.

Correct audiences, but without spark

This premium of star Academymarked by the elimination of Victoriansaw other stars of French-speaking song parade, like Chimene Badiwho came to perform her cult title Between us with Clara, Mika came to perform three of her biggest hits with Axel, Lénie and Pierre, Nej came to perform her hit Paro with Lénie, or even Charlotte Cardin who came to perform one of her hits with Héléna. This fifth season saw its audiences stabilize at 3.1 million viewers for more than 29% of housewivesfacing the juggernaut 100% Logic on France 2, which once again achieved audience success.

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