Matthieu Delormeau pushed towards the exit? “Jealous” columnists are said to be behind his departure from “TPMP” … New revelations!

On May 12, Matthieu Delormeau took to his social networks to announce terrible news. After years of good and loyal service, the flagship columnist of Do not touch My TV made the decision to leave the show. “After seven years on the air, I have decided to leave TPMP and TPMP People permanently. I wanted to thank you, the viewers, hoping to have entertained, amused, touched, and I know also sometimes annoyed. Thanks to C8 , to the teams, on air, production and of course to Cyril [Hanouna]. Life is beautiful and we are lucky to have many of them”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

Since then, rumors have been rife regarding the departure of the man who also hosted the People version of TPMP. According to the latest information from Navid Cherche, columnists would have banded together to put an end to his career on C8. “I’m going to tell you exactly what happened between Matthieu Delormeau and Cyril Hanouna”. launched the blogger in a video posted on his Instagram account this Thursday, May 18, 2023. “Some columnists would have ganged up on Matthieu and pushed him out. What you need to know is that there was a columnist or columnist who I won’t quote who apparently was jealous Matthieu’s complicity with Cyril Hanouna. He wanted to do everything internally to separate the two and even fire Matthieu Delormeau.”

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“Cyril left him no freedom”

In addition, Navid Cherche also pointed to the existing tensions between the troublemaker of the PAF and his protege. “It all started about three weeks ago on set. There was quite a tense debate about Bilal Hassani having his church concert which was banned. As you know, everything related to homosexuality is a sensitive subject for Matthieu. There are chroniclers who understood the Church’s decision to ban Bilal Hassani’s concert and the debates continued behind the scenes. Matthieu Delormeau was furious, he decided to leave the show and take a break for a few weeks. From there, Cyril misses him very much and he returns after two weeks.”

And to continue: “You should know that Cyril and Matthieu at the base are very close. But he teases him a lot, some consider this as humiliation and Matthieu takes it very badly. He sees a psychiatrist who says that Cyril’s behavior with him is not normal. Matthieu had his show TPMP People, except that Cyril left him no freedom on the choice of guests, the choice of subjects and that also annoyed Matthieu a lot. He decided to leave after a last argument in the dressing room. ” The departure of Matthieu Delormeau would therefore be linked to an accumulation of facts. Dark revelations that are still to be taken with a grain of salt.


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