Matthieu Delormeau in turn attacks Christophe Dechavanne

He came to defend himself. On the set of Daily this Friday March 1, 2024, Christophe Dechavanne

had a right of reply. Particularly after the remarks made towards him by Nes, his ex-partner, at Cyril Hanouna’s last weekend, as well as the revelations of his “ex-comrades” in an investigation published in the Obs.

Indeed, Léa Salamé’s sidekick was the target of numerous criticisms a few weeks ago. In the survey carried out by our colleagues, people qualifying “ex-comrades” of the facilitator assure that this one would be a person “odious” And “intolerable”. While he had not reacted until now, he took advantage of his arrival in Daily to give his version.

“They are not comrades”he first corrected to Yann Barthès before mentioning his assistant with whom his collaboration ended “from a common agreement”. “Because 33 years with me is not an assistant, it’s a mutant”, he quipped. Moreover, Christophe Dechavanne assured that he had encouraged her to find a new job and that he would always be in contact with her. A way of making it clear that the understanding would be cordial between them.

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Matthieu Delormeau makes revelations about Christophe Dechavanne

On the other hand, the relationship with Matthew Delormeau

would not be in good shape. In any case, this is what Cyril Hanouna’s ex-columnist suggested. He actually published a photo in his Instagram story in which we can discover him following the passage of Christophe Dechavanne In Daily.

“If everything is false… why does no co-host (around ten, columnists, Charly and Lulu and so on) say a kind word to defend him apart from his daughter? PS: if one day I tell my anecdotes with him… and witnesses. And evidence… It would be for him… In short, just for him to keep quiet”, he railed in the caption of his publication. It remains to be seen what these allusions correspond to and whether Matthew Delormeau will empty his bag shortly on this subject.


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