Matthieu Delormeau calls Cyril Hanouna live on “TPMP” and empties his bag

Matthew Delormeau

And Jacques Cardoze will obviously never be friends. The former columnist of TPMP already partly proved it on September 26, 2023 when he attacked the ex-journalist of Further investigation following a debate on homophobic chants in the stadiums after the match between Paris Saint Germain and Olympique de Marseille.

“I come across TPMP and I see a guy with gray hair who says: ‘Homophobic songs aren’t very serious. It’s up to parents to educate their children. Dirty niggers, that would have been unacceptable’ . Poor uneducated bastard!”he blurted out on his social networks, outraged by the comments made by Jacques Cardoze on the subject, before continuing: “Homophobia is a crime and, because of guys like him, some people think homophobia is a debate”.

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Matthieu Delormeau shocked by Jacques Cardoze

From, Matthew Delormeau no longer attacked Jacques Cardozeuntil Loana’s passage in the daily life of C8 on February 5, 2024. The former candidate of Loft Storyhaving great difficulty expressing herself after the rape she allegedly suffered, surprised the chroniclers with her difficult speech. Are you speaking like that on purpose?”then told him Jacques Cardozebringing out Matthew Delormeau of its hinges on its social networks once again: “I have a question: who is this huge redneck who shames men and proves women right. Yes, there are still people like him in 2024”.

This time, the main party wanted to respond to the attacks. “I think that nuance is not your thing and that you have major problems understanding”he replied before continuing:Another possibility: you do it on purpose to exist. So you’re going to stop talking nonsense, otherwise I’ll sue you for defamation.”

The ex-“TPMP” columnist violently tackles Gilles Verdez and Jacques Cardoze

This Friday March 1st, Matthew Delormeau gave Cyril Hanouna’s columnist a new opportunity to respond to him. In fact, the ex-columnist
called the host live

. Matthieu, do you know you’re live? Do you know I’m on the air, darling? How are you? Hanouna, will you put me back? Go ahead and say hello.”asked the host of the daily C8.

To which the ex-band member quickly complied. “I would like to kiss all the fans of TPMP, TPMP People, and C8, who mourn my departure every day and tell them that I am doing very well. That I love them very very much, that I will make a strong comeback very very quickly “he first declared on the phone before blurting out: “And fuck with all my heart, Gilles and Michel (Jacques) Cardoze”. A statement which made the columnists laugh, but much less so Gilles Verdez, present on set unlike Jacques Cardoze.


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