Matthieu Delormeau breaks the silence and lets loose on Twitter

On May 12, Matthieu Delormeau left his post as a columnist on the program “Touche pas à mon poste”. “After seven years on the air, I have decided to leave TPMP and TPMP People for good. I wanted to thank you, the viewers, hoping to have entertained, amused, touched, and sometimes annoyed you. Thanks to C8, to the teams, on the air, the production and of course to Cyril [Hanouna]. Life is beautiful and we are lucky to have several of them“said the host on Instagram.

The days following this announcement, Cyril Hanouna did not, against all expectations, make any comment on this departure. The same goes for the columnists who surprisingly kept silent about the departure of their columnist and friend. In the process, it was announced that Bernard Montiel would take over the controls of “TPMP People” on Saturdays, which is now done.

Since his departure, Matthieu Delormeau has been warmly supported by Internet users who are sorry for his sudden departure. “I am incredibly touched by your messages on Twitter and Instagram! It’s so warm and kind. I’m sorry for not answering but how to do? So thank you all. I read you, it touches me and I love you . I owe you everything” he recently claimed on Twitter.

Matthieu Delormeau speaks again on Twitter
This Thursday, June 1, 2023, the former columnist who is very active on Twitter, once again spoke. This time it was to make a comment about the Formula 1 championship that he came out of silence. “It’s a nightmare, poor thing! At the same time falling on the Max decade, it’s falling on Senna in the 80s! Senna said “Am here to win, then second, third I don’t care. It’s loosing ”! But Gasly Charles Seb… we have exceptional French people, how proud of them!” exclaimed Matthieu Delormeau.


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