“Master K” sentenced to 12 years in prison | He attacks a 7-year-old girl, but is not a pedophile, according to a psychiatrist

The pimp and pedophile Koceila Louali was sentenced to 12 years in detention on Wednesday for crimes committed against a young girl and sex workers. Despite the atrocity of his actions, “Master K” avoids the label of long-term offender, since a psychiatrist concludes that there is a low risk of recidivism.

“Inappropriate-inappropriate sexual behavior towards a 7-year-old girl. »

It is with this euphemism already denounced by the Supreme Court that psychiatrist Louis Morissette describes the assault committed by Koceila Louali against a little girl whom he sought to transform into a sex slave. He touched the child’s private parts and asked the mother to watch the attack.

In this case of rare horror, a mother delivered her 7-year-old daughter to Koceila Louali as part of their sexual games. The two deviants had begun a “clear and extremely degrading plan to abuse this child”, explained the prosecutor in the mother’s case (sentenced to 6 years in prison).

Koceila Louali also discussed particularly degrading sexual scenarios involving the little girl with the mother.

However, according to Dr Morissette, Koceila Louali does not present any “evidence of pedophilia or paraphilia”. In addition, as Louali had never been arrested in the past and is participating in his rehabilitation, his risk of recidivism is particularly low, concludes the psychiatrist in his report of barely six pages to assess the status of dangerous offender or delinquent to be controlled by the accused.

Psychiatrist Louis Morissette, who is regularly hired in the defense, was reprimanded by his professional order last year for having produced a bogus “expertise”.


The expert psychiatrist Dr Louis Morissette in 2017.

“They were marked for life”

Koceila Louali’s crimes do not stop there. This “legally blind” man ran two well-established organizations offering sexual services. His first specialized in “gang-bangs” and “orgies”. Sometimes, up to 150 men participated in these Greek orgies, compared to less than ten women, a very low ratio for this type of event. These sex workers were often unaware of the fate that would await them.

Louali’s other agency specialized in “tailor-made fantasies”, including extreme sexual practices. The hygienic conditions of the sex workers who participated in these events were “minimal”. The men sometimes adopted “aggressive” behavior and did not always obtain the consent of the victims, according to the admitted facts.

Koceila Louali admits to having had “intrusive” sexual practices with two women with no experience in the industry. At the release hearing, one of the cases was described as a “violent sexual assault”, since Louali allegedly subjected the woman to an extremely degrading sexual practice.

At the beginning of December, victims gave moving testimony in court. Judge Jean-Jacques Gagné wanted to salute their “courage and resilience” on Wednesday by endorsing the common suggestion of 11 years and 11 months of detention.

“He is being sentenced because he failed miserably. He overestimated his abilities and underestimated those of his victims. They were marked for life. But they seem to be slowly regaining confidence,” the judge said.

Considering preventive detention, he has approximately 8 years remaining on his sentence. He will also be placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 20 years.

Me Delphine Mauger represented the public prosecutor, while Me Giuseppe Battista and Me Laurence Juillet defended the offender.

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