Marlène Schiappa said at Guillaume Pley that she was attacked by “several dozen Yellow Vests” at her home!

She is one of the most iconic faces of the clan
. After six years spent alongside the Head of State,
Marlene Schiappa
was disembarked from the new government of Élisabeth Borne announced during the summer. The communications consultant and writer had started in May 2017 as Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men. From 2020 to 2022, she had then was appointed Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship under Gérald Darmanin. Until July 20, 2023, the date of her departure from the government, she was Secretary of State responsible for the Social and Solidarity Economy and Community Life. Since her departure, the politician has remained a regional councilor for Île-de-France.

In an interview given to Guillaume Pley for the Legend Media channel, the forty-year-old looked back on the notable episodes of her years spent alongside Emmanuel Macron. In six years of political life, Marlène Schiappa has experienced everything, between Covid, the Yellow Vests or the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. But above all she remembers a trauma during the Yellow Vest crisis. While she was in her house in Le Mans, alongside her two daughters, their father, and a friend of her eldest, Marlène Schiappa was awakened in the middle of the night by dozens of demonstrators who came to discover with her !

”We’re going to cut your throat”

”I had several dozen Yellow Vests come to my house at night. I was in Le Mans, in my house, with my daughters and their father, and a friend of my youngest daughter (…) and they came to scream, I was sleeping, it woke me up (…) they were shouting insults and that ‘They had come to kill me. They said Schiappa, we’re going to decapitate you, bitch, we’ve come to kill you, we’re going to slit your throat. It’s very, very violent. The girls came crying. I told them to go and hide until the police arrived in case they managed to break down the doors and windows, because they were banging on the shutters, doors, etc. It’s quite traumatic, especially for children” confided Marlène Schiappa.


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