Marjo and Jean Millaire | Artistic reunions in the air

Coming to the show on Saturday Everything can happen, on the airwaves of ICI Première, singer Marjo made a surprising revelation. Jean Millaire, her accomplice from the start, and she are reportedly working on new songs.

Evoking the song If needs be, created in 1995, which announced her separation from the composer, she first spoke about this painful stage. “We were a duo. We were really together. […] By losing Jean, I lost half of my musical soul. It was not easy. I didn’t look elsewhere. It was my Jean. If I no longer have Jean, I no longer have music. »


Marjo performing last summer

And then she added: “There, he’s coming back!” He’s coming! » “Are you telling us it’s going to start again? », asked host Marie-Louise Arsenault. “Could that be?” Yes, that’s possible,” Marjo replied before bursting into laughter.

Marjo said that Jean Millaire entrusted her with new music about three years ago, but the ups and downs of life put a stop to the project (death of her mother). She then recorded lyrics on a “booche recorder”. Both artists are there for the moment.

Marjo and Jean Millaire created the songs for the records The one who goes, As long as there are children And Bohemian all of which achieved enormous success.

During this twenty-minute interview, Marjo offered a live version of her success I won’t let go which showed that the Quebec queen of rock’n’roll is not ready to give up her crown.

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