Marius Colucci and the improbable anecdote about his father Coluche: “It pissed him off…”

Founder of Restos du Coeur (created on September 26, 1985), Coluche left us on June 19, 1986 after a terrible motorcycle accident. Interviewed by Thomas Sotto on Europe 1 in April 2015, the sons of Michel Colucci (better known as Coluche) Romain and Marius, shared a surprising anecdote about their dad, who obviously did not like being photographed at all.

The author of the mythical snapshot of the association where we see the comedian in black and white with a smile on his lips, Gaston Bergeret, knows something about it. He also had a lot of trouble getting this photo, which later turned out to be one of the artist’s best known and most popular images.

This photo was taken in the bathroom

Gaston, who took this beautiful photo, was chasing Michel in Cannes saying ‘Please give me a photo’. Michel, it pissed him off, he had plenty of other things to do. At one point, he said to her, ‘Here, if you want, I have two minutes, you can take your picture’. And he went to the bathroom with the door open. So this photo was taken in the bathroom“, confided his sons.

The comedian who made his debut on the airwaves of Europe 1 in the show We’re not here to be yelled at had had Romain and Marius with Véronique Kantor, who died in April 2018. The couple had married in 1975. Following their divorce in 1981, his ex-wife had received all the royalties attached to the exploitation of his phonographic recordings between October 16, 1975 and May 15, 1981. Two years after the death of the comedian, she had finally signed an agreement with Lederman by renouncing this remuneration in return for financial consideration.

Ten years later, Marius and Romain had engaged in a fight to recover their father’s inheritance. They estimated that 31 of his recordings, made before and after the marriage with their mother, came under the Colucci estate. After years of legal battle, on December 6, 2019, the Versailles Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Romain and Marius, condemning the producer to pay royalty arrears for 21 sketches by the artist.

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