Marine Lorphelin strongly attacked after the publication of a video: tense exchange with an internet user

Marine Lorphelin may have been elected Miss France in 2013, she has not forgotten her passion for medicine. She is also the only beauty queen to have resumed her studies after her coronation and today, the beautiful 28-year-old brunette is more than ever close to consecration. Indeed, she recently began her last internship in general medicine in gynecology in New Caledonia, where she is living with her fiancé Christophe. At the same time, Marine Lorphelin provides some advice to her Instagram community. But recently, a video brought him heavy criticism.

While she praised the virtues of essential oils, an Internet user fell on her in a very virulent way. “This video is still very annoying! You are a doctor (well rather a doctor-model-influencer), 10 years of studies to advise covering up, eating honey in the event of a cough, my grandmother with her bac -10 already knew this forty years ago. Moreover, you have said several times that you would not do an Instagram consultation (and it is very wise) but that’s kind of what you are doing in this video! (…) In this period of Covid it is better to talk about all this in a doctor’s office“, she addressed to him.

A comment that Marine Lorphelin herself shared in story Instagram before reacting very annoyed. “Doctor-model-influencer and proud to be madam. Definitely it bothers you especially when it’s me, other health influencers we do not tell them that they are stupid or useless weirdly. Well yes becausea Miss or a model cannot be taken seriously. In fact we can do several things in life and do it seriously“, she retorted. The young woman then admitted not yet mastering everything in medicine because it is a”large and complex subject in constant evolution“. However, she does everything to deal with subjects.”simple and accessible“to help his community. Even if again, he is sometimes the target of attacks.”I am asked to popularize, to explain, when I do it it is always ‘too short, too simple, (…) too soft medicine, in short some will never understand the nuance’. (…) It’s complicated to give health advice because there is always an exception!“, she defended visibly affected by these remarks. And for Marine Lorphelin to conclude by recalling that she never gives”social media consultations“and that you should always consult your doctor in case of doubt.

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