Marine Lorphelin shares her secrets that will change your life

In 2013, Marine Orphanwas crowned Miss France. To date, she is the most sacred Miss in the history of the competition with the following titles: Miss Saône-et-Loire 2012, Miss Burgundy 2012, Miss France 2013 then first runner-up of Miss World 2013.

Since the end of October, the young woman has joined her fiancé who has shared her life for seven years in New Caledonia. On the spot, Marine Lorphelin continued her medical studies. A few days ago, his internship ended. The opportunity for her to come back from this adventure.

A smile that says a lot… the end of a journey strewn with a few pitfalls but which was worth it. You asked me what were the best and worst moments of my journey in medicine? The best: the moments shared with my colleagues. All doctors, nurses, caregivers & other health professionals met and caring. Thank you . The “wins” with patients. Solutions found, confidences shared, reliefs, little attentions. Human relations in their complexity! Learn again and again. The theory, the practice. Technical gestures. I love it (…) In short, there were ups and downs. But I had a goal and it is achieved. I sincerely thank you for your support, I have received many many messages during all these years which have touched me enormously #teametudiante. Just as my loved ones have been indispensable. Anyway, I stop talking. Never let go of your goal & give yourself the means to achieve it” she confided.

Moreover, Marine Lorphelin has shared her knowledge to help those who suffer from pollen allergy. This Friday, April 29, 2022, the young woman shared five tips that may help you. “The idea is to avoid contact with external allergens as much as possible. So when you go out keep wearing the mask and wear the glasses” she began.

Then she added: “When you get home, you want to get rid of pollen so you change your clothes and put on clean clothes. We rinse our face completely sometimes the pollen remains in the eyebrows or in the eyelashes. Likewise, you should wash your hair every day. You know what you have left to do…


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