Marine Le Pen in Mayotte, anti-violence measures for minors, European elections… Matthieu Valet’s “8h30 franceinfo”

Matthieu Valet, RN candidate for the European elections and former police officer, was the guest of “8h30 franceinfo”, Saturday April 20, 2024.


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THE "8:30 a.m. franceinfo" by Matthieu Valet (FRANCEINFO/RADIOFRANCE)

“Mayotte is the failure of macronie”, says Matthieu Valet, RN candidate for the European elections and former police officer. Marine Le Pen has just arrived on the island as part of an “XXL net operation”. It is necessary, according to the former police officer, “a real big bang in terms of relations with the Comoros” for a “return of security” in Mayotte.

“50% of the population in Mayotte is foreign and the Mahorais must feel fully at home”

The abolition of land rights in Mayotte, which will soon be the subject of a bill, is “a proposal that Marine Le Pen has been supporting for more than 20 years”underlines Matthieu Valet. “It’s good that the government is taking up the RN’s proposals” but “we lost a lot of time and the Mahorais are waiting”estimates the RN candidate for the European elections.

The National Rally demands “a real big bang in terms of relations with the Comoros”adds the RN candidate to the Europeans, with the abolition of development aid, a “zero visa” policy but also the end of land rights and family reunification on the island of Mayotte. “Overseas nationals are full-fledged French people who have the same rights and security as in mainland France”he specifies.

Announcements on Gabriel Attal’s violence? “Talk no, action yes!”

“I am giving you very concrete proposalsspecifies Matthieu Valet. Having debates on solutions that we propose and proposals that should already be put in place, that doesn’t interest me! We are for the elimination of family allowances and social assistance for families who have resigned where it is clearly demonstrated that there are educational deficiencies when children commit offenses.”

“National priority for social housing”

Regarding social housing, Matthieu Valet advocates national priority.“I’m going to go furtherhe specifies, France, either you respect it, or we expel you. And the illegal immigrants who are radicalized will be outside; foreigners who commit crimes, who do not respect the law of the republic and who have the luxury of making victims: that will be out!”

“Unfailing support for those who protect us”

Finally, Matthieu Valet massively calls on the servants of the State “who sacrifice their lives day and night to protect the French” to vote on June 9 for Jordan Bardella’s list. “We propose the presumption of self-defense for police officers and gendarmes.”

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