Marine El Himer’s message on the eve of Ramadan

In November 2022, Marine El Himer proudly announced that she had converted to Islam. “These moments mark the happiest day of my life. There are no words strong enough to express the intensity of the happiness and the emotions experienced at this very moment. A spiritual journey that I hope will continue to elevate me and to guide me Inch’Allah” she declared during a stay in Mecca which allowed her to concretize this great passage to the act.

At the same time, the former reality TV candidate celebrated obtaining her Moroccan nationality, which allows her to live between Marrakech and Dubai with serenity.

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Marine El Himer celebrates the arrival of Ramadan
While it was announced that Ramadan 2023 will start this Thursday, March 23, 2023, Marine El Himer took the floor this Wednesday, March 22 to send a warm message to her subscribers: “Ramadan Mubarak Said to all. I wish you to live this sacred month with spirituality, piety and purity. May it bring you health, peace and serenity. And may God strengthen our faith, accept our fasting, Accept our prayers and Forgive our sins Inshaallah” a she wrote in the caption on which she appears veiled and dressed in a pretty powder pink oriental dress.

This dress, more precisely an abaya is also a model of its own brand called “Maryam Online Couture”. It was only a few days ago that the young woman launched her own brand of handmade abayas. On the brand’s Instagram account, we can see that this collection is dedicated to women who want to cover up while remaining elegant, feminine and refined.


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