Marie Toussaint says she is “worried about the industrial fiasco” after the “twelve years of delay”

The MEP believes that it is “absolutely necessary to act and wage a relentless battle against fossil fuels.”


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Marie Toussaint, MEP and head of the Ecologist list in the European elections, Saturday January 6, 2024 on France Inter.  (FRANCE INTER / RADIO FRANCE)

“I am worried about this industrial fiasco”, confides, Thursday May 9 on France Inter, Marie Toussaint, head of the list of Ecologists in the European elections, while the Nuclear Safety Authority gave the green light on Tuesday to the commissioning of the Flamanville EPR (Manche), which was initially planned for 2012. The MEP deplores these “twelve years late”.

These significant delays in the schedule were caused by numerous problems encountered on site, in particular anomalies in the steel of the tank cover. “We should replace this defective cover, but the urgency for the President of the Republic is to send a signal about this relaunch of nuclear power, rather than guaranteeing its proper functioning,” she castigates.

“There is only one solution, it is renewable energies”

Marie Toussaint also believes that it is necessary “absolutely act and wage a relentless battle against fossil fuels” Given the “climate deregulation” which she describes as “terrible”. “Every day we see floods, forest fires, the rise of the coastline which swallows up houses,” she laments.

The head of the list of Ecologists recalls that, according to scientists, “if we want to meet the objectives of the Paris agreement, we must achieve carbon neutrality in 2040.” Marie Toussaint considers that “to achieve carbon neutrality in such a short time frame, there is only one solution, and that is renewable energies” in which it is necessary “invest massively”. She regrets that these renewable energies are “the poor relation of French politics”. “France is the only country in the European Union that is not meeting its set objectives; Emmanuel Macron continues to postpone all legislation on the energy transition”she denounces.

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