Marianne Fund: the senators’ report overwhelms Marlène Schiappa


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France 3 – H. Capelli, J. Assouly, A. Mezmorian C. Méral, A. Bourse, J. Duboz, S. Guillemot M. Dumas, J. Martin, L. Sabas

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Thursday, July 6, the senators unveiled their report on the Marianne fund. In particular, they implicate Minister Marlène Schiappa.

Marlene Schiappa is more than ever in turmoil. The senators unveiled, Thursday, July 6, their report on the Marianne fund. “Amateurism”, “mess”, “casting error”it is overwhelming for the minister. Jean-François Husson, the rapporteur of the commission of inquiry, assured: “The lack of rigor, opacity and flippancy led to the fiasco.” Six months after the assassination of Samuel patyMarlene Schiappathen Minister of Citizenship, launched A fund endowed with 2.5 million euros. Its objective was to finance actions that fight against radical Islamism.

An open investigation

Only, the report of the senators denounces a lack of monitoring of the work carried out by the associations. Claudius Reynalchairman of the commission of inquiry, said: “When the minister leaves, there is no transmission of this file to the next administration.” The senators also point to a form of favoritism in the allocation of grants. During her audition, Marlène Schiappa had recognized dysfunctions, but had denied having intervened in the choice of files. This case places the Minister in a delicate situation. Asked, Marlène Schiappa did not respond. The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation.

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