Marianne Fund: Marlène Schiappa auditioned


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G. Daret, J. Assouly, F. Badaire, R. Torregrosa, C. Alphonse – France 3

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Marlène Schiappa was summoned to explain herself, Wednesday, June 14, before the commission of inquiry for the controversial management of the Marianne fund. The minister acknowledged dysfunctions, but blamed it on her administration.

His hearing was particularly awaited. Marlène Schiappa assures that she does not want to slip away. Six months after the assassination of Samuel Paty, the then Minister of Citizenship had launched a fund endowed with 2.5 million euros to finance associations defending the values ​​of the Republic and fighting against cyber Islamism. A few days ago, a report pointed to severe malfunctions, leading to the resignation of the prefect Gravel who was in charge of its management.

Marlène Schiappa did not convince

At the heart of the questions in particular, the Union of Physical Education and Military Preparation Societies, the main beneficiary of 355,000 euros. Investigators suspect that these funds were not used to promote secularism, but to pay the salaries of leaders, including Mohamed Sifaoui, whose home was searched. One question: did the minister intervene directly to promote it? Marlène Schiappa did not really convince the president of the commission of inquiry. Politically, this affair places Marlène Schiappa in a delicate situation, while a reshuffle is envisaged in the weeks to come.

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