Many foreign students live in overcrowded accommodation

A new report from Statistics Canada reveals that international students were more likely in 2021 to live in inadequate housing than Canadian-born students.

The study, based on the most recent census data, also indicates that Indian students are more likely than students from other countries to live in “inadequately sized” housing — one that does not have enough bedrooms. bedroom for the number of occupants.

In Brampton, Ontario, and Surrey, British Columbia, two municipalities with the largest proportions of Indian students, more than 60% of international students lived in unsuitable housing. This rate was approximately 34% in Montreal and Ottawa, 35% in London and 37% in Toronto.

One of the requirements for obtaining suitable sized accommodation is that each adult must have their own room, if they are not part of a couple.

The sharp increase in the number of international students in Canada has raised concerns about increased pressure on the housing market, as well as cost-of-living issues facing students.

In 2023, there were more than one million international students in Canada, an increase of 29% from the previous year.

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