Malika Benjelloun announces having been excluded from the “Star Academy”

Malika Benjelloun was unanimously unanimous and had won over the public of the star Academy. Unfortunately, the production made the decision to do without her for the tour that the last seven Academicians will achieve, alongside the winner of the previous season Anisha Jo. Indeed, if she did not announce the bad news herself, it was her successor who did it in her place, revealing via Instagram that he had been chosen to replace her as choreographer for Pierre’s performances Garnier, Héléna Bailly, Julien Lieb, Axel Marbeuf, Djebril Slatni, Candice Vernier and Lénie Ficara…

It is indeed the Guadeloupean choreographer Jessy Jerky which was chosen by the production of the tour of the star Academy

thus harming Malika Benjelloun, whose future within the family star Academy remains unclear. The young man was delighted with this promotion, which could perhaps allow him to take his colleague’s place at the next school year: “I can officially announce that I will be the new choreographer for the 2024 Star Academy tour (…) Looking forward to making all the candidates you love dance, and let us have fun on tour with you”.

Malika Benjelloun’s future compromised?

Aged 33, Jessy Jerky is a great French choreographer, known to many personalities from the world of music. He has already worked with many artists, including Kendji Girac and Shy’m, and has also been a juror of the biggest hip-hop competition World of Dance. Jessy Jerky is therefore far from being an amateur, and the choreographies he will perform on the tour will inevitably be breathtaking! But beware of production: fans of the star Academy will undoubtedly demand the return of Malika Benjelloun in the next season. It must be said that the young woman was able to establish herself over the weeks, and quickly made her predecessor, Yanis Marshall, forget. So, will she be back?

For now, if the new season of the Star Academy has been made official by Nikos Aliagas and Karima Charni, the teaching staff has not been officially renewed. We still don’t know if Michael Goldman will return to the management of the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys, and if Lucie Bernardoni and Marlène Schaff will again be the tutors for the third consecutive year. Same suspense for Adeline Tonuitti, singing teacher, Pierre de Brauer, stage expression teacher, Coach Joesports teacher and mental coach, and Cécile Chaduteau, new stage expression teacher who quickly knew how to impose herself too, and forget Laure Balon.

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