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Our readers say they are dissatisfied with government actions to combat climate change, while questioning their own actions.

dog metaphor

We all know the metaphor of the dog: it is not the tail that directs the animal! Here, the political class is the tail and the body, the electorate. If citizens demand that their elected officials take non-cosmetic measures, what do you think they would do? Instead, those who (bravely) demonstrate a will to act are sidelined. Conclusion, if nothing is progressing at a pace that could save us from disaster, then WE are the problem!

Yvan Dion, La Malbaie

Act gradually

There is so much to do that everyone is called upon to participate. Like all of us, the government is under-resourced and more needs to be done. We will all have to act gradually. Everything will never be solved at once.

Pierre Chatelain

Money that matters

No ! Our governments are always in reactive mode, while the solution lies in prevention! It is always the gain of money which prevails to the detriment of the environment.

Natalie Mongeon

Intervention plans

While bearing in mind that we must reduce GHGs, this is not what will prevent natural events from unleashing in the next ten years. The priority is to prepare intervention plans to prevent and combat disasters in the short term. This is done by assessing the levels of risk by regions and localities. There is already some very good government software on this.

Marc Brosseau, former coordinator of emergency measures in the health network

Measurements too low

I am not satisfied. The measures taken are too soft, too weak. Our governments are too afraid of displeasing voters. This is the big problem. But the climate doesn’t care to please anyone.

Francoise Chesnay

The citizen who suffers

Governments are almost totally ineffective and absent. No coordination between the levels and especially everyone passes the ball. The movement must begin among citizens. We must take action and put pressure on elected officials to get things moving. As always, it is the citizen who suffers in the end. Let’s take charge of our future and work together, generations combined, to give a future to our land and our world.

Robert Boisclair

Citizen fight

The fight will have to be citizen or will not be. As long as the population does not agree to finance the fight by modifying certain behaviors such as: car, insulation of houses, new energies, urban sprawl, under-financing of transport, etc., governments at all levels will not have not the means of our ecological ambitions.

Jean-Marc Joset

Industries must reduce their emissions

It is time for the political class, supported by the industries, to stop putting all the effort to reduce global warming on the backs of individuals whose efforts will never be enough to reverse or at least slow down the trend significantly. Industries must be forced to reduce their emissions drastically. And on an individual level, elected officials must be held accountable for not doing so by not voting for them.

Rene Charbonneau, Varennes

popular will

The efforts of governments are a reflection of the popular will. If the majority of citizens demanded more of them, it would have been done a long time ago. Stop blaming governments! Until citizens are ready to accept a much higher carbon tax, we are screwed. Behaviors have to change and they will only change if bad behavior costs a lot more.

Celine Gauthier

Lack of courage

Reducing GHGs and eliminating fossil fuels involve coercive and unpopular measures that our governments, subject to electoral constraints every four years, do not have the suicidal courage to impose on polluters who are often rich and powerful. I believe that salvation must come from a massive militant social awareness and a clear intolerance towards any behavior that is disrespectful of the environment.

John Crevier

What’s it gonna take?

Should the National Assembly and Parliament be located near a forest fire zone or be flooded for parliamentarians to finally grasp the issues and effects related to the climate crisis? What’s it going to take for them to understand that we’re headed for a wall at high speed? Citizens may do their part, but our leaders must wake up.

Francois Lefebvre, Saint-Sauveur

High time to act

In recent years, we have seen the various government authorities struggling as best they can to put out the fires as the various effects of climate change fall on us. Always in reaction mode, always in a disordered way. I think it is high time to take the bull by the horns and set up, create, a new apolitical state corporation capable of managing climate change and the energy transition. A long-term vision and action are essential for us to be effective in this war, in this unique and exceptional transition of our society. By being proactive and acting on all levels of governance, we could even take advantage of these changes, upheavals, to enrich ourselves socially and economically. This is an opportunity not to be missed. The clock is ticking and time is running out, let’s act now.

Christian Richard

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