make a spare part in 3D to repair

All summer, in “It’s my job”, portraits of companies that are committed to the ecological transition. Thursday, July 6 the portrait of Pierre-Jacques Lyon, who created Marklix, a solution to repair products more easily.



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Products that break down are often not repairable due to the lack of spare parts available. “The idea is that 3D printing made it possible to produce spare parts that could not be found on the market by producing them on demand and as close as possible to consumers who were in need”, says Pierre-Jacques Lyon, the creator of Marklix.

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Concretely, the parts that the start-up, founded in 2019, makes it possible to produce thanks to its software – and not its own 3D printers – are of all kinds. Marklix has set up an IT solution that allows manufacturers to digitize their parts, and the company puts them in contact with manufacturers, as close as possible, equipped with 3D printers. Marklix’s customers are therefore not direct individuals. Driven by the Agec law – the anti-waste law for a circular economy -, thehe interest of this start-up is to find the right machine in the right place at the right time.

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