Macron and the “war economy”, the interest of Europeans in the energy transition and proportional representation again on the table… Franceinfo news from Thursday April 11, 2024

Around Bérangère Bonte, those informed debate the news of Thursday April 11, 2024.



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The themes

Is France in a war economy? This is what Emmanuel Macron says, traveling to Bergerac in Dordogne, with as a symbol this first stone of a powder production factory for shells. We talk about it with our expert Jean-Paul PALOMEROSformer Chief of Staff of the Air Force and former NATO Commander.

Is the energy transition a priority for Europeans? Engie is joining forces with the Jean Jaurès foundation and the CSA opinion institute in a study aimed at finding out what European citizens think about the energy transition. The respondents highlight their concern, their pessimism and their incomprehension regarding the latter.

Towards more proportional? The President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet wishes to introduce a “dose of proportionality” in the legislative elections of 2027. Could this create a “quilt effect” which would have the consequence of avoiding a tidal wave of extremes ?

The informed

Stéphane ZUMSTEEGDirector of the opinion and politics department at Ipsos

Anne-Elisabeth MOUTETeditorialist in Paris from Daily Telegraph

François MIGUETSenior reporter in the economics department Point

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