M. Pokora and Christina Millian: their unexpected love at first sight, “sparks were flying everywhere”

The young woman had told on Instagram how this discovery on their common date of birth influenced their meeting. “We found out we were born on the same day and our physical attraction turned into an out of control chemical reaction… Chemistry and sparks were flying all around us!” she wrote in 2020, during a return to Saint-Tropez. Followed by a magnificent statement to her husband: “3 years and 4 summers ago I met my best friend, my twin and the missing piece to my puzzle right here in this same place where we are today“.

Matt Pokora had also confided in a program on C8 the underside of this meeting which turned his life upside down: “It is the chance of life. It was in a restaurant. I hear a voice and I’m like, ‘It sounds like Christina Milian is singing.’ I turned around, she was there and we were introduced.“Great dad with his two sons and his stepdaughter, he would also be”love with his wife“.

Guest on the show Daily Pop of ENews, this one had revealed on its side: “He speaks French to me from time to time but he speaks perfect English. I have to work on my French, but we have our own language. We’re best friends, he’s great with my daughter. I just thought he was very sexy. I heard he was singing, but that’s it.”

And share the life of a colleague? She adores : “We have the same passion. I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve been with someone who supports me so much in my career and in my role as a mom. It feels good to feel so comfortable. We are on the same wavelength.“And we wish them to celebrate this common anniversary for a long time to come!

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