Lyman, a city with a strategic stake



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On October 1, the Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured the strategic town of Lyman (Ukraine) to the Russians, constituting a major victory in this conflict which began last February.

On Saturday, October 1, the Ukrainian army claimed to have entered the city of Lyman (Ukraine)then occupied by Russian forces. If the resumption of the city in the hands of the Russians has not yet been formalized by Ukraine, for Agnès Vahramyanin live from Kramatorskshe is no longer in doubt: We approached 5 km and heard explosions, we saw Ukrainians flying drones, looking for groups of fleeing Russian soldiers. We don’t know if the 5,000 Moscow troops locked in Lyman’s pocket were able to retreat.”

Along the roads of this city, several corpses of civilians were found. On the Russian side, this defeat raises questions as Agnès points out Vahramyan :It will be necessary to remember this name of Lyman, highly symbolic, because it would be the first city taken over after being declared Russian by Vladimir Putin. So how will the head of the Kremlin react after this military affront?

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