Lucile (Love is in the meadow) soon to be married and “boring”: what she especially does not want on D-Day

Everything goes very fast from the beginning between Jerome and Lucile. The lovers who met on the set of Love is in the meadow in 2020 were not afraid to take the steps one by one. After moving in together, they notably welcomed their first child. It is a little girl named Capucine, born in October 2021, who came to fill them with happiness. Only one thing was missing: the wedding.

The 39-year-old market gardener and cereal farmer made his request at Christmas and since then, his beautiful Lucile has been fully in the preparations! Indeed, she has already planned almost everything for the big day, which they hope will take place next summer. The guests, the date, the place, the theme or the witnesses… Lucile wasted no time in organizing the most beautiful day of her life. She has even already started trying on dresses! Most recently, she documented her first visit to a specialty store and revealed herself in a backless piece with tulle and lace, all slightly transparent. Obviously, Internet users will not know more about his final choice. “Alright… I’ll leave you the suspense now“, she had concluded.

Lucile, on the other hand, seems much more undecided on one detail in particular, as she confided in story Instagram Sunday, March 6, 2022. Undecided but… adamant about what she hates. “I’m thinking about our wedding cake… So clearly, I’m boring because I don’t want flowers on it. I don’t really like it too much in general, I think it’s a bit… Anyway, I think we always put a lot of it in weddings and it’s really mortuary“, she confided to her subscribers.

So no flowers on the wedding cake but possibly a nod to her meeting with Jérôme. “So, I am in full reflection on the design of the wedding cake. why not go on something special Love is in the meadowit’s our roots“, she underlined before asking the opinion of her community. In any case, Lucile still has a little time to decide.

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