Lucie Bernardoni forced to intervene to calm things down, it went too far…

It has now been two months since Star Academy was launched. If viewers are very happy to find the famous TF1 telecrochet, we have however noticed since the start of the show that some Internet users can be very virulent on social networks. It happens like this sometimes, that a candidate is taken in by the flu then lynched in particular on (formerly Twitter) for several days.

If Candice or Djebril could have found themselves strongly criticized, it is now Julien’s turn to find himself at the heart of a wave of hatred. Furious at having been nominated this week, the student, according to his friend Pierre, “broke everything in the house”. We discover that the live would have been cut for around twenty minutes after the results of the evaluations, in particular because Julien would have been in a fit of anger. Also, in other daily images, we can see the young man with an injury to his hand…

Star Academy: Lucie Bernardoni forced to intervene after a new wave of hatred

Annoyed by the candidate’s behavior, certain Internet users then rushed to criticize him en masse. Faced with this new wave of hatred, the repeater Lucie Bernardoni decided to make a scathing clarification. “To those who support the students of Star Academy, be as kind as the students themselves. Hate is intolerable. Return the love they give to you. Simply. The 13 are kind to each other They are an example to follow.” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

A message which generated strong reactions this Monday, January 8, 2024. “Thank you for intervening Lucie, Candice, Lenie and now many Julien receive such hatred that it becomes unhealthy. How can we say of a student that he is violent, stuttering… When he embodies kindness. It amazes me”, “Exactly! Stop the hatred, the harassment, the insults whether against Axel, Julien or the others! None of them deserve all the negative labels that are stuck to them. Respect humans above all as you would like to be respected, that’s the basis”, “Thank you for the reminder Lucie, I hope it will have an effect… I don’t understand how we can feel mean towards these students are all so adorable”, “Thank you Lucie, what you read about Julien is intolerable, especially in terms of defamation as the nominations approach. Tf1 should issue a press release”we can read.


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