Luana Belmondo plunged into a new mourning: touching tribute to her late “brother”

His departure from RTL, the death of his stepfather Jean-Paul Belmondo, his debut at Franceinfo … In 2021, Luana Belmondo experienced sorrows and moments of joy. She experiences a new mourning with the death of a loving brother. The animator paid a touching tribute.

Luana Belmondo posted a new photo on Instagram, this Monday, December 20, 2021. The image is a selfie taken by her son Victor Belmondo, which also features her husband Paul Belmondo, their two other boys, Alessandro and Giacomo, and a friend of the family, the late Riccardo. In the legend of the publication, Luana Belmondo pays tribute to the latter. “Goodbye, my Ricca, you too are gone. We considered you a member of the family. My brother, my children’s uncle and Paul’s faithful friend, begins Luana Belmondo in Italian. I was 17 years old when I met you, we never left it, we had nothing but happiness all together. Holidays parties trips dinners … So frankly I’m really angry because I still needed you and no one will call me ‘Luanina amore’ anymore, no one will make me laugh like you and take life like you did if well always with a smile. Everything was always fine no matter what. Too many significant losses this year but … I will keep moving forward. Have a good trip … We will meet again one day.

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