Louis Bertignac and Jean-Louis Aubert: Both in a relationship with Corine, “it was not easy”

This autobiography promises to be a gold mine for fans of the group: for the first time, Louis Bertignac is preparing to return to all the stages of the creation of Telephone in his autobiography. Nice little story. From his meeting with Jean-Louis Aubert to their argument in the mid-80s which precipitated the end of the group, everything is there. Not to mention their love story… with the same woman!

Indeed, if no one has forgotten their friendship, some may not remember that in addition to the two friends and drummer Richard Kolinka, the group was also composed of a woman, Corine, on bass. And that this, on her arrival in the group, had a beautiful romance with the young Louis Bertignac, very shy and barely in his twenties. In the pages of Paris Match this week, he also returned to this story which lasted several years. “When I met her, she had something other girls didn’t: she wanted to be my friend and held my hand.“, he explains, a little nostalgic.

I had never known that, I was finally thinking of something other than sex. That’s why I was in love with her so long before she wanted to date me. She was a rigorous woman, with principles“, he continues, realistically. However, their story “in the midst of such intense success“He knows he only owes it to one thing, drugs.”I needed drugs to have confidence in myself. I took hero and I was able to act out with Corine. I haven’t slept with her before“, he admits.

A beautiful story with a painful ending

Their story ends up being cut short in 1980. Feeling “hampered” through this relationship, he decides to put an end to it, which leads the young woman to attempt suicide. Before falling… into the arms of Jean-Louis Aubert! A relationship that did not long bother Louis Bertignac:Jean-Louis was very classy when talking to me about it. But yes, it wasn’t easy, especially since we continued to make music together. Above all, I had admitted that it was the only solution for the break between Corine and me to be final.“.

The Telephone group will dissolve a few years later, after stories of ego and love that have never been settled. If Jean-Louis Aubert, Richard Kolinka and Louis Bertignac form, even today, a trio of close friends (they had reformed a group together between 2015 and 2017) the links are indeed very tense between Corine and the two guitarists. Love stories can wreak havoc…

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