Loana completely naked in “TPMP” and her body full of bruises: Cyril Hanouna (again) scolded

One more. After the formal notice on November 18, 2022, following several sequences from the show Do not touch My TV concerning the murder of Lola, the 12-year-old girl killed on October 14 in Paris, C8 is once again sanctioned by Arcom.

This time, the “TV police” attacked Cyril Hanouna

and its daily life following the passage of Loana

in the program on February 5, 2024. “Arcom was alerted about a sequence, broadcast in the show Touche pas à mon poste! on February 5, 2024 on C8, during which a guest was questioned about the rape of which she was allegedly a victim in September 2023”we learned in a press release.

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Cyril Hanouna and TPMP still in Arcom’s sights

Arcom continues and explains: “Considering that the sequence in question disregarded the provisions of articles 1 and 15 of the law of September 30, 1986, as well as the stipulations of articles 2-2-1 and 2-3-4 of the agreement of May 29, 2019, the The Authority has given notice to the publisher of the service to comply in the future with the aforementioned provisions and stipulations..

On February 5, 2024, the former candidate of Loft Story actually came on the show TPMP to testify about a possible rape to which she was allegedly subjected in September 2023. The regulator recalls that when Loana spoke on the subject
“photos of her naked body covered in bruises were broadcast on the screen, with a slight blurring of her private parts. Intrusive questions regarding the facts denounced were asked”.

Arcom also emphasizes that Cyril Hanouna there “asked about the traumatic shock she had suffered” while she had “great difficulty in expressing himself, making his words difficult to understand”. A new sanction against the host which risks causing a lot of talk in his daily life this Tuesday evening.


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