Lively explanation between Anthony and Alain Delon on Christmas Day!

On March 10, 2022, Anthony Delon released his autobiography called “Between dog and wolf”. For once, this book evoked his conflicting relationship with his father, Alain Delon. “I could have deduced that this man, my father, did not love me, and thus let him destroy a part of me. But I understood that he had wanted me like nothing else in the world, with this love and this boundless ardor so specific to youth.he expressed in this book which will soon be the subject of a television adaptation.

Guest of “C to you” on March 29 to discuss his work, Anthony Delon had poured out his way of seeing their relationship today. “It’s a book about resilience because I understood a lot of things. Today, at my age, I think I have enough perspective to analyze certain things. And in this specific case, to be resilient, you have to forgive. And to forgive, you have to understand. That’s also what I wanted to say and that’s why at the beginning of the book, I say that it’s a universal story because in fact, there is no perfect family. . We all have scars, wounds, which prevent us from being ourselves”he blurted out.

This December 25, on this Christmas day, the father and the son were reunited. Anthony Delon has not failed to publish on social networks a tasty video of one of their exchange of the day. “Look at me… When you look at me, what do you see?“, asks the son of the sacred monster of French cinema. “Well I’m looking at you“, replies Alain Delon. And Anthony to ask his question again: “What do you see ?. “I see Alain Delon… It’s a lot, huh”, finally answers the 87-year-old star, causing a great burst of laughter. “I’ve always enjoyed seeing you laugh. As for that relentless logic…it belongs to you, it’s from Delon, no doubt. Merry Christmas to all”, for his part, commented Anthony Delon in the caption of this publication which is a pleasure to see.

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