live, journalist Fanny Weil lets loose… and shocks David Pujadas, the sequence that is causing a buzz on the web

In 1998, David Pujadas joined the France 2 channel. It was only three years later that the channel entrusted him with the command of the evening television news. Until 2017, the famous journalist thus ensured the presentation of this JT without any shadow on the board and without any flaw. During his tenure as presenter, the Barcelona native has thus covered many important events and conducted interviews with prominent figures in politics, culture and society. His concise work has earned him recognition and several awards, including the 2009 “Best Journalist of the Year” award from the French Association of Media Critics.

In 2017 and following the arrival of the new president of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte and her desire to rejuvenate and feminize the antennas, David Pujadas finally left France 2 to join LCI. Since then, the journalist is still at the controls of his own program called “24h Pujadas” in which he analyzes and comments on the news of the day, surrounded by a team of columnists.

This Wednesday, July 12, 2023, one of the program’s columnists, . David Pujadas therefore did not fail to send him a few tender words on the occasion of his departure. “Today is Fanny’s last column. She’s been with us for a little over 4 years and I just wanted to say thank you for your enthusiasm, your rigor, and your involvement. We have no doubt that you will experience an exciting journey“said the reporter live.

Flattered by this little attention, Fanny Weil sketched a smile before simply answering: “Inchallah”, all with her fingers crossed towards the sky as a symbol of hope. As a reminder, this term in Arabic used by the Muslim community means “God willing” and is often used when talking about an action that we would like to see happen in the future.

David Pujadas, who obviously did not expect this response at all, had a hard time hiding his astonishment and literally displayed a look of amazement, even slightly annoyed. Enough to arouse strong reactions on the web, Internet users having responded to this sequence by tackling the journalist. “In Pujadas’ head: ‘OMG she said a word in Arabic!” , “Don’t worry David Pujadas, she won’t wear a veil in a few weeks, don’t worry.” , “Poor thing, it’s the last time we’ll see her on TV! The reaction of David Pujadas is catastrophic” can we for example read.


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