live in “TPMP”, Bernard Montiel boasts of his “40-year career” and responds to Matthieu Delormeau, war is declared!

There is tension in the air between Matthieu Delormeau and Bernard Montiel… And for good reason, since the former acolyte of Cyril Hanouna made the choice to suddenly leave “Touche pas à mon poste” as well as the animation of “TPMP People” is his ex-neighbor, Bernard Montiel, who took up the torch. A new project that delights the sexagenarian to such an extent that the latter has since retweeted numerous messages from Internet users praising his qualities as an animator… Only here, these same tweets denigrate Matthieu Delormeau in passing! Neither one nor two, the former essential host of the eighth channel therefore wished to react to this affront on the Web!

“When I see Montiel retweeting crap about me at 66, I feel sorry for him. This Bernard who found me all the qualities in the world when I was close to Cyril (very nice text messages)”, he notably wrote. A tweet to which Bernard Montiel hastened to react this Monday, June 5, 2023. “Yes I shouldn’t have retweeted even after 3 weeks of harassment, insults, and such. Taking over TPMP People was not an initiative on my part, but a wish of the channel (even if I am very happy about it!). Matthieu is a smart boy and I respect his choices,” he posted on Twitter. A white flag out… And immediately put away a few hours later on the “Touche pas à mon poste” set.

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Faced with Cyril Hanouna, Bernard Montiel adds fuel to the fire…

“You have been accused of retweeting messages that spoke ill of Matthieu […] This matter concerns only you but it seems that more and more people agree with Matthieu and that you took the boulard, the melon? », asked the flagship host of C8 to Bernard Montiel on the set of TPMP. A question to which the columnist answered transparently: ” Yes. I didn’t ask for anything, everything falls on me because people know that I have the grace, that I know how to hold a show. We say to ourselves ‘hold on, he’s going to help us, he’s flying to your rescue’. I am there, I always answer present. I’m a good soldier, I do it with talent, brio, and charm… And if you want, when you have a safe bet like me, I’m kept a bit aside and as soon as there’s a problem, we call Bernard Montiel, and he arrives smiling and magnificent… A bit like Belmondo, you see! », he said before being cut off by Gilles Verdez asking him if he had “gone crazy”.

“Besides, it’s a matter of age, I don’t care now. I’m very happy to do what I do, but at 66 you don’t care a bit about everything, while respecting others if you can. […] After 40 years of career, we still say to ourselves that if I’m still here, there are many reasons! », continued Bernard Montiel in a confident tone. Not sure that these statements will not help the situation with Matthieu Delormeau…


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