Line Renaud celebrates her 95th birthday


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She is one of the favorite artists and women of the French. Line Renaud celebrated her 95th birthday this weekend. Tribute.

An XXL cake for the most northern of the queens of Paris, who blows out her 95 candles in song, of course. For her birthday, Line Renaud saw things big, inviting a hundred guests, Actors, singers, politicians or committed personalities, the very broad spectrum of her friends alone sums up the extraordinary career of this woman from the North, started more than 70 years ago. “She comes from the North, from Armentières. It’s good not to forget where you come from. We measure after 95 years the progress made, and she has reason to be proud, right?“, says Stéphane Bern.

standing ovation

A reception organized at her home, in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine). Her haven of peace which, she says, is one of the secrets of her longevity. But the North is never far away. “95 years, it’s a beautiful course, especially since there have been some health pitfalls along the way. So, like the people of the North, I overcame the health difficulties and I am doing very well“, assures the artist. A standing ovation, and at dusk, a moment of tenderness in the middle of the party. At 95, Line Renaud retains the ardor of her youth, surrounded by those she loves.

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