liberal nurses demonstrate for the revaluation of the prices of their actions

According to the collective of “angry liberal nurses”, a few hundred people demonstrated in total on Monday in Bordeaux, Gap, Marseille, Bayonne and Dijon.



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A snail operation carried out by liberal nurses in Gap (Hautes-Alpes), February 12, 2024. (THIBAUT DURAND / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

Caregivers on the street. Liberal nurses carried out snail operations in five cities on Monday, February 12, and will mobilize again on Saturday to demand in particular an increase in the prices of their procedures, blocked for fifteen years despite inflation. “We, liberal nurses, take turns 7 days a week all year round” and we are “the forgotten people of Ségur [de la Santé, qui avait débloqué des fonds pour les hospitaliers notamment]deplores on its site the collective of “angry liberal nurses”at the origin of these demonstrations.

“We are asking for an increase in the prices of our acts [remboursés par la Sécurité sociale]which have not been revalued since 2009. Knowing that inflation has increased at the same time by 28%, there are treatments that we can no longer provide, because we are almost at a loss”, explained to AFP the co-president of the collective, Gaëlle Cannat, nurse in Bouches-du-Rhône. For example, “certain nurses in the countryside, who have to travel long distances, no longer give injections. When we are paid 7.25 euros gross per hour, for the procedure and the travel, financially it is no longer tenable “she continued.

According to the collective, a few hundred people demonstrated in total on Monday in Bordeaux, Gap (Hautes-Alpes), Marseille, Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and Dijon (Côte-d’Or). The slow-moving mobilization began at the end of January in the Rhône-Alpes region in the wake of the farmers’ movement before spreading, with at this stage around twenty local demonstrations over six days. Difficult for liberals to “to strike”, particularly due to the permanence of care. But “Saturday the 17th, we will all be in the street”warns Gaëlle Cannat.

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