“Let me jump and tackle him to the ground”, the hilarious declaration of Emmanuel Macron in “C à vous”

Ukraine, inflation, anti-Semitism, everything has happened. This Wednesday, December 20, 2023, a few days before his allowance for the transition to the new year, Emmanuel Macron

chose Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and C to you to express themselves and answer questions from the French. The President of the Republic took advantage of his visit to defend himself for his absence from the march against anti-Semitism on November 12. An absence that Patrick Bruel also deplored.

But a few weeks later, another controversy arose when Brigitte Macron’s companion lit a candle at the Elysée on the first day of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. The Head of State therefore took advantage of his visit to the daily newspaper of France 5 to explain about said candles and for what reasons he received the representatives of the Jewish cult. Emmanuel Macron indicates having received them to give a speech on the fight against anti-Semitism. As for the candle of the controversy, it is in “memories of Auschwitz”which does not have “no religious character”he assured.

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Emmanuel Macron explains and defends himself in the face of controversies

Faced with the controversy that this candle may have generated, the Head of State does not stop there and continues: “I lit the candle of remembrance, which has no religious character, the chief rabbi of France lit a religious candle. Did I participate in it? No. Did it Was the goal of the meeting? No.”. Afterwards, Emmanuel Macron released a sentence which did not fail to provoke a reaction on the Web, a symbol of his annoyance with this situation: “Should I have jumped on the chief rabbi and slammed him to the ground? No”.

In addition to the President of the Republic’s “joke”, through his words, he believes that at no time had there been “offense against secularism”. Especially since another French Head of State did it before him, as he was keen to point out: “Jacques Chirac, yes, has already lit the Hanouka candles”. At the time, it didn’t provoke as much reaction.


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