less polluting coffee pods?


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J. Benzina, V. Travert, N. Murviedro – France 2

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Should coffee pods be seen as ecological heresy? Each year in the world, more than 20 billion of them are used, with a star aluminum. How to imagine an alternative to these pods in search of durability?

She is always invited to the table of coffee drinkers. The capsule, so easy to use, has almost become an automatic gesture of one of the daily appointments. As for finding what to replace it, which generates so much waste, it is still necessary to have the idea. Solange Descoqs is a big coffee drinker, 3 to 4 a day. Two years ago, she opted for another type of reusable capsules. Behind this system, there is the idea of ​​two 23-year-old inventors, in their student rooms, who won the gold medal at the Lépine competition in 2021.

The equivalent of 5 million reused capsules

After many tests, they develop a cylinder that doses the perfect amount of coffee. Immediate success, today their invention is assembled in a workshop in the Paris region, and is shipped all over France. 20,000 customers for two years, the equivalent of 5 million reused capsules, compatible with pod machines. Innovations like this are on the rise. Capsules with stainless steel cap, disposable but biodegradable capsules, made from corn pellets. As a result, on the heavyweight side of the market, it is who will offer the capsule with the least carbon impact. But for the organization Zéro waste, certain notions are ambiguous. So to get out of single use, maybe the solution is in the good old coffee maker, to be used without moderation.

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