Les Cafés Joyeux set out to conquer New York


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Les Cafés Joyeux set out to conquer New York

Les Cafés Joyeux set out to conquer New York

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After attracting France, then Europe, with a restaurant concept aimed at employing adults with disabilities, Yann Bucaille, social entrepreneur, opened a new Café Joyeux in New York (United States).

A French concept has set out to conquer America. In the heart of Manhattan, New York, Café Joyeux has just opened. Employees are people with mental and cognitive disabilities. “Here we have the same rights as a working person. And my mother told me that in many places people like us are never hired”specifies Peter Anderson Jr, employee at Café Joyeux, while 80% of disabled adults are excluded from the world of work in the United States.

“Provide a high quality product and service”

The menu features simple dishes designed by chef Thierry Marx. Yann Bucaille, the social entrepreneur behind this concept, has already opened fifteen Cafés Joyeux in France, and five in Europe. “We recruited 14 team members with disabilities here, in the heart of a city with a very demanding clientele. Well, they are able to show that they know how to create value, and that they can provide a product and a high quality service”, he assures. In total, 129 disabled adults are employed on permanent contracts.

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