Lea Salamé cropped by Muriel Robin in full shock declaration on her homosexuality

A five-minute long plea. This Saturday, September 16, 2023, in a new issue of What an era on France 2, Muriel Robin shared of his sadness and disappointment. Indeed, the 68-year-old comedian regretted, faced with Léa Salamé, that homosexual actors were not given enough of a chance in the cinema industry according to her. A statement which did not fail to provoke a reaction on set, and to shock the host, admiring the speech of her guest.

However, Raphaël Glucksmann’s companion was entitled to a slight “reframing” on the part of Muriel Robin when she wanted to give her opinion on the subject. It all started when Pierre Palmade’s ex-acolyte revealed he was “the only actress in the world to say she is homosexual, in the world!” “Are you the only actress in the world?”the host then wondered before her guest continued: “Yes, we’ll say Jodie Foster”. Agree with the comedian’s words, Léa Salamé then outbid: “Jodie Foster yes…”. “Stop, stop, I’ll go and then you continue. To save time, I’ll go first and maybe…“, then cut her off Muriel Robin.

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Léa Salamé covered by Muriel Robin

A bit taken aback, the one who presents the second season of What an era then resigned herself: “Ah well okay. Ok I’ll shut up!”. Nothing to dampen the mood despite everything. Indeed, Muriel Robin was able to continue her long plea and give some arguments to support her remarks.

“Why do all the actors keep quiet? I know the gay actors, and we will never know that they are gay”confided the 68-year-old comedian who will share the stage with Pierre Arditi in the play Rabbit in the next weeks. “Jodie Foster was silent for 30 years, Kristen Stewart was first with Robert Patinson so her homosexuality is a bit rock. In the cinema we are worthless. I cried every day with all the tears of my heart. When we are homosexual, we are not desirable”she lamented.

The comedian’s terrible request

An observation which leads Muriel Robin to warn young people who want to get into cinema and who wish to accept their homosexuality: “We must tell young actors and actresses that producers and directors tell them: there is no point in them doing this job.” “I filled Zénith for 30 years. In this job we need to be wanted, what do you do when you’re not? Well you smoke, you drink”, she concluded. A terrible observation which did not fail to provoke reactions and reflection on set.


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